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As pioneers in our field with over 100 years of combined experience, we take pride in our unrivaled ability to create an extensive range of custom-built assemblies and flawlessly sewn and spliced terminations, exclusively designed for the needs of professional arborists. 

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Meet our extraordinary team of Rope Logic Splicers – the true masters of their craft.

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Gary Brantley

Greensboro, NC, USA

How did you learn to splice? I was taught by Tobe Sherrill and through rope mfg. instructions.

What do you like to do in your free time? Spending time with my family, Hiking, and Mountain Biking

“I was 20 years old when I started so I was really just following instructions and was in no way the mastermind behind the planning of starting the splicing operations.

I believe that the splicing shop was open in the ’90s because the large rope manufacturing companies were the only one selling spliced goods at the time and Tobe felt our customers deserved a more personalized experience and larger product offering.

Tobe Sherrill was the person who started the splicing operation.

We have done well over a million splices. In the beginning of my time splicing, I was the only splicer for a while, so depending on the splice types needed I would probably produce between 25-50 products a day. Now we are probably somewhere between 500-1000 a day.

I think we have the largest splicing operation for the US arborist industry.”

Manufacturing Director

25 Years Experience

Todd Fortune

Greensboro, NC, USA

Notable achievements:

  • invent/develop unique wirecore swage process
  • Invent/develop jet step ascender rope bogs and various other projects,
  • developed modified Toss wands that don’t break…EVER!,
  • Create/write Grizzly sewing patterns
  • Create custom products to fulfill niche industry needs.
  • Train and mentor successful teams to meet our customers’ demands

How did you learn to splice?

I learned from a book and through asking a lot of questions.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I spend time with my wife and daughter.

I like to build things. I have a machine shop and a full cabinet wood working shop to make cabinets and custom fine furniture. Built from scratch 5×10 cnc router. I enjoy building anything or rebuilding and restoring old tools I need.

Manufacturing/Facility Manager

15 Years Experience

Erik Vega

Greensboro, NC, USA

Notable achievements: I have recently received the certification for SpLife.

How did you learn to splice? I was taught some of the splice techniques by Phil at TreeStuff and was self-taught for some others through videos and following Samson instructions.

What do you like to do in your free time? Mountain Biking and playing soccer.

Splicing Manager

10 Years Experience

Lee Cole

Guilford, UK

Notable achievements: Created HB CE certified splices, Created splice for Sterling Scion, CE certified for Cousin Tres Tec ropes, courant ropes and Teufelberger splife programme, many more new splices in the pipeline.

How did you learn to splice? Self taught

What do you like to do in your free time? Fishing, swimming, cinema, fishing, and fishing

Senior Splicer

15 Years Experience

Adam Prigent

Guilford, UK

“I had the opportunity to work in the rope department where Sean Thompson and Lee Cole taught me about rope before I was able to learn to splice. Both Lee and Sean have taught me to splice to a high standard and I am now a fully CE-certified splicer. I’m honored to have been taught by some of the leaders in the business and proud of the certifications I have worked so hard for.

In my own time, I enjoy working on vehicles and understanding different areas of vehicle mechanics and performance. I really enjoy family time and when there is a chance I like to splice.”

Junior Splicer

2 Years Experience

Our Story

Tobe Sherrill, founder of Sherrilltree and Sherrilltree’s splicing operations (now called Rope Logic) recounts how Rope Logic started:

Splicing started with the need to make what was then referred to “adjustable buckstraps,” a type of safety lanyard for work positioning no longer used in tree care. During the early to mid 90s, tree climbing competitors were experimenting with variations of lanyards as well as rope terminations on an ever-growing variety of rope braids including 3-strand (twisted rope), 8-strand, 12-strand, and double braid. I knew it was time for someone hungry to participate in “custom rope modifications” and also knew we could find the time.

One day, in or about ’92, I took a Samson Rope splicing kit home and over the coming weeks learned to splice. We bought a large prefabricated building that would fit behind our building, had it wired for air conditioning and hired two hardworking young folks to train to splice. In the early years, we were producing approximately 30 splices per day.

Around 2000-2001 I was traveling in Europe and discovered my first “sewn rope termination” in a rock climbing shop in Munich and, once home started researching heavy-duty sewing machines. During this time I found that only 1 manufacturer in the US was practicing such terminations and they were the rope manufacturer PMI out of Georgia, producing cave and rescue products. We bought 1 (expensive!) sewing machine out of Texas and called in a very crafty and intelligent friend of mine named Michael (House) Taine to come to Greensboro, live with Anne and me, and reinvent the sewn splice for arborist ropes. Within just a few weeks House had created a sewn splice stronger than anything that Samson had ever tested in their lab in Washington state. Today, sewn splices are popular all over the world.

Tobe Sherrill, the founder of Rope Logic and splicing operations

Sean Thompson

Guilford, UK

“I came into the splice department knowing a basic amount about arboriculture ropes. As being a qualified arborist, I have climbed on many variety of ropes. Lee Cole taught me how to splice and then I decided to build a rope shed at home to be able to focus on progressing my splicing at a quicker pace. I would splice at home and learn.

In my spare time, I like to test out arboriculture equipment and get a better understanding of the progression within the industry. I also spend time in the outdoors working as a survival instructor for the Bear Grylls survival academy which has taken me all over the world to teach dynamic survival.

I have a loving family who support me in all I do so I make sure to spend time with them too.

Mental health is a huge factor in my day-to-day life in and out of the working environment so I talk about the awareness of mental health in my spare time too, as I feel it is not talked enough about in the workplaces in our industry.”

Senior Splicer

3.5 Years Experience